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Can anyone tell me why mobile entertainment products are so expensive? The stereo inside my two-year old car stopped working two weeks ago and I happen to be quoted a price of $1500 from my dealer for the replacement. Consequently, We've did start to search for mobile entertainment equipment online, i can buy and retrofit to my personal car and perhaps save some money. However, most of the auto audio supplies online will also be extremely expensive.

We've not a problem investing in a quality product, but will a car stereo really cost $2000? I am also thinking of getting a subwoofer as well as additional speakers, but a majority of of the prices listed seem quite high. Does anyone know if buying second-hand audio equipment for any vehicle a very good idea? We have looked over a number of listings on eBay for car stereos and the costs are a little more affordable, but obviously second-hand equipment will not come with any type of guarantee, right? Also, can anyone recommend a great mobile entertainment equipment supplier? Ideally We are looking for the best online supplier, as I live in a province and want to travel much.

car audio Austin

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